The iKettle 2.0 network isn’t showing on my list of possible Wi-Fi connections?

If you can not see the iKettle 2.0 networking emitting in your WiFi settings please try the below helpful tips. 

Ensure you are near your iKettle 2.0 during the setup. During the setup we advise you, your phone and your iKettle 2.0 are next to your router. 

Please ensure that the kettle is plugged in and is not flashing. If you have just plugged in the kettle, it will flash and beep for around 10 seconds when it has stopped flashing you will now be able to see the kettles network in your WiFi settings. 

Try refreshing your WiFi by turning it off then on again in your devices WiFi settings. 

If this does not help please reset the kettle's WiFi by holding the button on the base for 10 seconds until you hear three beeps. At first you will hear 2 beeps, this is resetting the product defaults, please keep holding until you hear three beeps. The kettle will then beep and flash for around 10 seconds, once the flashing has stopped you will be able to see the kettles network in your WiFi settings.



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Smarter Support by emailing us at You can also give us a call us on 0800 802 1237 if you are in the UK or EU or on +1 (855) 489 5522 if you are in the US.



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