How do I set home mode?

Home mode allows iKettle 3rd generation to boil and be ready for when you return home.

To set a home mode:

  1. Find home mode by selecting a network
  2. Select the iKettle
  3. Select features (top right of the screen)
  4. Select “home mode”

When you are in home mode the first option is to enable home mode. Once enabled, you will see your location with a circle around it. This is the 200 meter radius that will trigger “home mode” when you enter the radius.

You can set the time home mode is active between and what days. Auto-boil can be turned on so the kettle automatically boils at the selected time.

Once completed, you are now ready to leave and have your iKettle 3rd generation ready to boil for when you return home!



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