How can check how much water is in my iKettle 3rd generation?

You can check the water level via the app.

On the iKettle 3rd generation home page in the bottom left-hand corner, is a box that says “water”.

Select this and the app will tell you how much water is in your kettle.

There will be the option of cups or basic.

“Cups” shows you how many cups are in the kettle between 1 and 7.

“Basic” will show if the kettle is empty, low, half or full.


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    Nancy Wing

    Is this an American 8 oz cup, or a British half pint, or 10 oz?  ;)

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    Hi Nancy!

    The kettle can hold 1.8 litres so each cup is around 250ml :) 

    If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Smarter Support at

    Best wishes, 


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    Scary Genie

    Can you check the water level through the Amazon echo? If so what is the command for this?


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    jason Greenwood

    Can you check the water level through alexa? You should be able to and seems a no brainer to me as its a smart kettle. Opening an app is longer than opening rhe kettle!

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