How do I set an alarm in wakeup mode for my iKettle 3rd generation?

With the iKettle 3rd generation you can set alarms via the app to wake you up to the kettle boiling!

To set an alarm:

  1. Find wake up mode by selecting the network
  2. Select the iKettle
  3. Select features (top right of screen)
  4. Select “wake up mode”

When you are in wake up mode to set an alarm:

  1. Select “add alarm”
  2. Now you can set the time, alarm tone, days the alarm should go off along with a few extras!

Once you are happy with the settings simply save the alarm!

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    Geoffrey Mitchell

    This doesn’t work on iPhone. The alarms don’t save reliably. And if you do get it to save, when you go into one to edit, it sets it to the current time so it’s impossible to tell if your settings were saved correctly.

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