Can I use my iKettle 3rd Generation with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, you can! What you need is an iKettle 3rd Generation and an Amazon Alexa!


  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Search Smarter in the Alexa app skill search.
  • Select the ‘Smarter iKettle 3.0 and Coffee 2.0’ skill, to open the skill.
  • Select Enable.
  • The Alexa app will prompt you to link your Smarter account to your Alexa account, please log in using the details for your Smarter app account.
  • If the app does not prompt you to log in, the app will say account linking required. Select this now the Alexa app will ask you to log in, please log in using the details for your Smater app account.
  • Discover devices in your network. Alexa will now search for the devices connected in your Smarter app. You can now see all the devices, including your iKettle 3rd Generation, managed in your Smart home!

Now you can ask Alexa to turn on the kettle!


With the skill, you control your kettle with the name you gave it in the Smarter app with Alexa.

If you called the kettle ‘kettle’, you do this:


Alexa, turn the kettle on
Alexa, set the kettle temperature to 50 degrees (watch the slider move in the app when this happens, or cooling start if you’ve lowered the temp further than the current temperature, etc)
Alexa, turn the kettle off
Alexa put the kettle on
Alexa, turn on the kettle
Alexa, what is the temperature of kettle?
Alexa, what is the kettle temperature?


If you are having trouble with Alexa finding your iKettle try enabling the skill through amazons website and make sure you are logging in with your Smarter account details after selecting enable. 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Smarter Support by emailing us at You can also give us a call us on 0800 802 1237 if you are in the UK or EU or on +1 (855) 489 5522 if you are in the US.




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