Why can I not connect my iKettle 2.0 to Alexa?

The iKettle 3rd Generation has a completely different technology to the previous generation - like the difference between two generations of iPhones.

The first and second gen kettles were designed to be accessed via WIFI on a local network only. They cannot access the internet.

The 3rd gen kettle and 2nd gen coffee machine can directly communicate over the internet, and allow other devices to securely communicate with them via the cloud. The previous gen products cannot get a software upgrade to give them similar functionality. It is beyond their scope and their platform doesn’t support the security required. It is a limitation of the hardware of the previous generations.

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    Red Meneses

    Is it possible for you to create like a hub where the previous generations of Smarter Ikettles can be connected to, to be able to connect to Alexa or to IFTTT?

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