What are the differences between the iKettle 1.0 and the iKettle 2.0?

With iKettle 2.0 you can select your desired temperature from a dial so you can be specific with your desired temperature between 20 to 100 degrees.

The iKettle 2.0 also has wake-up mode, so you can set an alarm and boil your kettle directly from the app. Also with home mode, so you can get a notification to boil the kettle when you come home.

The iKettle 2.0 has the added water calibration feature so you can see how much water is in the kettle from your app and get notifications to refill the kettle.

The iKettle 2.0 also has a formula mode, which allows you to boil the kettle and then get notified when the water has dropped down to a specific preset temperature.


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