I am getting a ‘No Carafe’ message, but the carafe is in its place. What do I do?

A message saying ‘no carafe’ may appear if the filter door has been opened while the carafe is in place.

If this is the case, please remove the carafe, open the filter door, close the filter door and place the carafe underneath the machine.

Here is a link to a video showing this: Click here to watch

If the ‘no carafe’ message persists,  please check if there are any coffee grinds around the carafe detection button as sometimes if a coffee grind gets stuck, this can affect the reading.


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    Daniel N

    I got message "No carafe present". Followed up the online instruction as above over and over again however, the machine still has the same error message. Frustrating me. Can I return it and get a refund. Show me how to do it.

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