How do I track an item?

To track an item, go to your Inventory within the Features section and find the item you would like to track from the list. Select 'Track' next to the product and that will take you to the last image taken by your FridgeCam. 

Tap and drag to create a box on the item you are tracking, ensuring you only annotate the item itself and nothing around it. If your product is a clear container, such as a glass jar or bottle of water please only draw a box around the label of the item to ensure that it tracks correctly.

Once you have tracked your item, search for the item and set the best before date, if needed, and you are done.

The item has now been added to your inventory! 

I don’t want to see the best before dates on my fridge image screen how do I hide this?

To hide the best before dates on your items, simply select the eye at the bottom right of the fridge image screen.


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