I've changed my wifi how do I reconnect my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation

When you connect your Smarter Coffee to your router, it holds onto those details and cannot be setup with a new router until those details have been cleared.

To clear those details and reset the WIFI, simply press and hold the beans button (bottom left) until you see factory reset appear on the screen. Once the screen has reloaded, unplug it for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

Now the Smarter Coffees WIFI has been reset and you can redo the setup.

If you are still getting the message ‘unable to connect’, please refer to ‘I’m getting a message saying ‘Unable to connect’ when trying to connect my wifi to my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation?


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    Rex Macey

    This article doesn't completely answer the question.  It explains how to clear details and reset the WIFI.  What does one do after that?  Could you provide a link to the setup? Thanks.

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