Why am I not receiving notifications?

Ensure notifications are turned on in the Smarter App. Go to the Smarter App and select your FridgeCam, then Features, then Notifications.

Make sure that all the switches are green. You will then receive all notifications for the Smarter  FridgeCam. 

The notifications you should receive are: 

  • Battery low alerts: You will be notified when the battery has reached 10% or less.
  • No activity alerts: You will be notified when the FridgeCam has been inactive and not captured any images for 3 consecutive days or more. This will prompt the user to check their setup and ensure the WIFI is in order.
  • Camera reposition alerts: You will be notified when the sensors require resetting if the FridgeCam has been knocked, moved or removed.
  • Firmware update alerts:  You will be notified when an operating system or firmware update is received.
  • Door left open: You will be notified if the FridgeCam notices that you have left your fridge door open. It's important that no permanent lighting or bulbs are on when the fridge door is closed as the FridgeCam's sensors may think that the door is still open.  




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