Wifi Compatibility

Smarter products are only compatible with WiFi routers emitting 2.4gHz signals.


Please ensure before attempting to setup your new Smarter product, that this is the signal you will be connecting to.


Some customers will have dual-banded WiFi networks (with both 2.4gHz signals and 5gHz signals being emitted), whilst others won’t.


If you have a dual-banded network, and you don’t have the option to connect solely to the 2.4gHz signal, you will need to get in contact with your network provider, and ask to have this split. If you router is only emitting a 2.4gHz signal, you can go ahead and commence the setup of your Smarter product.


In order to check what signal your WiFi router is emitting, you can:

  • Take a look at the network list within your mobile device’s WiFi settings.
    • You may see two options for your home network (one with 2.4 at the end of the network name, and one with 5 at the end). This indicates that your router is emitting both a 2.4gHz signal, and a 5gHz signal separately. Please ensure your mobile device is connected to the 2.4gHz signal before attempting the setup of your Smarter product.
    • You may only see one option for your home network, without any indication of which signal is being emitted. In this case, it would be best to call your network provider to double check what WiFi network you have.
  • Go online to your network providers website, and take a look at your account information. Some customers are able to check what type of broadband they have here.
  • Call your network provider and enquire with them.
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