Unable to connect to my FridgeCam

If you have tried to connect your FridgeCam but receive the message unable to connect, don’t panic! Please read the troubleshooting below so you have all the knowledge for a successful setup and try again by selecting restart setup.

  • Please ensure your FridgeCam and your phone are close to the router during setup, it can be moved after setup.
  • Ensure the WIFI network you are connecting to is a 2.4ghz signal. If you have a dual-band network that is split into 5ghz and 2.4ghz, please ensure your device is connected to the 2.4ghz signal and has forgotten the 5ghz before you start the setup.
  • You can reconnect to the 5ghz signal after the setup.
  • If you are unsure about your WIFI network, please contact your provider to double check.
  • Please check the WIFI password and name is entered correctly, characters are case-sensitive.
  • Please check that the connection light on the FridgeCam is flashing. If the connection light is not flashing, use the reset pin to wake up the FridgeCam.
  • If the connection light is still not flashing, the FridgeCam needs to be charged. Simply plug it into a power source using a micro USB and leave to charge until the charge light turns off (about 6 hours).

Pairing your device
Once the countdown to BlinkUp begins you can place your device flat, directly on top of the connection light. The app will beep or buzz when the BlinkUp has completed and the app is attempting to connect.

As the BlinkUp is light sensitive, please try not to have any strong, direct light next to the
connection light.

If you are having problems connecting to an Android phone or tablet, please ensure the

  • Screen brightness is not set to Auto
  • Screen brightness is at maximum
  • If you have a Samsung phone, Power Saving is off

Now you have all the knowledge for a successful setup you can select restart the setup!

If you need to get in touch, Smarter Support is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5:00pm GMT and can be contacted via the 'Contact Us' section on our website by clicking the following link: Contact Us

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