My FridgeCam is not flashing after waking it up with the reset pin?

The FridgeCam will only wake up to start pairing to your WIFI if it's charged.
See the below video on how to charge your FridgeCam.

Simply plug the FridgeCam into a power source using a micro USB and leave to charge for around 6 hours.

Once it is plugged in, the charging light will turn green, it will turn off when it is fully
charged. Use the pin to wake your FridgeCam up after charging and you should see the relevant coloured flashing light.

In general, FridgeCam's performance is best when above 10% battery, so try to keep it above that when possible. If battery notifications are turned on, then you will be notified when your FridgeCam battery is low. 

If for any reason the FridgeCam light does not come on when charging please contact

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