My images are coming through dark?

If your image comes through dark, this could be due to the flash being disabled in your settings. To enable this, go to Features > Settings - once here you can enable the flash.

This could also be caused by the fridge door being closed too slowly. When you're in the process of closing the door, the flash is activated and then a few seconds after the camera takes the picture. If the door is closed slowly, then the flash could have stopped before the picture was taken.

If this does not resolve the issue we would suggest that you re-calibrate the FridgeCam.

Firstly, go into Features then Settings. The FridgeCam must be online to enable settings, open the door to wake it up if it's calibrated or press the reset pin. 

The FridgeCam needs to be online to calibrate. You can wake up the FridgeCam by opening the fridge door or using the reset pin.

Once the FridgeCam is awake, select 'recalibrate capture position'.
Select 'start calibration' and adjust the FridgeCam until you have the best view of your fridge through the app.

For the best view, the rule of thumb is to keep the fridge door roughly at a 45-degree angle.

Once you are sure you have the best view of your fridge, select 'set position'.

The app will then ask you to close your fridge door. Please ensure your fridge door is completely closed. It's important to also check that the FridgeCam or mount are fixed properly to the fridge door and that there are no items in the shelf that might knock the FridgeCam when closing the door.

Now open and close the fridge door to see your new image.




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