What should my images look like?

Here is an example of how your FridgeCam images should look once you receive your image:


If you have received an image that does not match the above or is like the images below here are a couple of tips to ensure you have the best quality image from your FridgeCam.


Brightness: If you’re receiving dark images, this could be due to the flash being disabled in your settings.


To enable this, go to Features > Settings - once here you can enable the flash.

Blurry/ Foggy images: This could be due to dim lighting in your fridge. Try enabling flash in Settings.

This could also be caused by dirt and condensation build up on the lens.


Angle: When mounting your FridgeCam, we recommend to stick the mount in the middle of your fridge door toward the door opening.


For the best view, the rule of thumb is to keep your fridge door roughly at a 45-degree angle.

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