The grinder is not working and will not produce any grounds?

This can be caused if the machine is not cleaned regularly and a build-up of coffee can stop the grinder from working as it should.


Please follow the below steps to clean your Smarter coffee machine.


Empty the bean compartment. Do this by tipping the machine on it's side carefully on a clear surface to help get the beans out. This can be hazardous so do be careful and make sure that any liquid in the machine has been emptied before.


Clean the grinder feeder with a pipe cleaner. We advise you do this when the machine is off and you have emptied the bean compartment as it makes it easier to access. You can insert a pipe cleaner from the top of the machine and gently clean the grinder.


Clean the bean door by removing the carafe and opening the filter door. At the top of the opening is a silver door, please use a cloth dampened slightly with only water to gently clean the bean door. Please be careful while cleaning the machine.


Repeat step 2 then test with a brew!

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    Have tried these processes over and over and still the grinder motor runs but no ground is produced :-(

    I can’t actually see down inside the grinder to conduct any tests and can only just about get a pipe cleaner in. Is there a way to remove the bean hopper to get a better look?

    Getting very frustrating. Not been working for 5 weeks now and running out of ideas

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    Usually you see movement / jumping within the beans when the grinder is operating properly - but my beans remain static as the motor spins. I don’t believe the grinder is moving at all but incredibly hard to prove / see anything

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