Where is the best place to mount my FridgeCam?

One of the most important steps to get the best use out of your FridgeCam is positioning the mount to your fridge door.

Where you mount your FridgeCam depends on the layout of your fridge door, it can be placed on the fridge door or on a shelf of the fridge door.

Rule of thumb is to stick the mount in the middle of the fridge door toward the door opening with the camera facing in with the door at a 45-degree angle.

Below is a selection of fridges with different configurations shown where we advise is the best place to mount your FridgeCam.

                                                                       Fridge Freezer


                                                              Tall Fridge


                                                     Double Door Fridge


If you are still unsure as to where you should mount your FridgeCam please contact our support team.

If you need to get in touch, Smarter Support is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5:00pm GMT and can be contacted via the 'Contact Us' section on our website by clicking the following link: Contact Us

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