Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation

Set up guide

  1. The set up to my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation failed what do I do?
  2. Why do I need to split my wifi network?
  3. I've changed my wifi how do I reconnect my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation
  4. What app do I use with the Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation?
  5. I deleted the Coffee machine from my network now it won't setup?
  6. Can not select a router to connect to, the list is blank?
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  1. The grinder is not working and will not produce any grounds?
  2. I am not receiving the finished brewing notification?
  3. My Smarter Coffee machine is no longer connected to Google assistant?
  4. I am getting a ‘No Carafe’ message, but the carafe is in its place. What do I do?
  5. What way do I turn the dial on top of my Coffee machine?
  6. Can I change the name of my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation
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  1. Does my coffee machine work with Siri?
  2. Can my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation work with Google Home/ Google Assistant?
  3. Can I use my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation with IFTTT?
  4. Can I use my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation with Amazon Echo?

Network guide

  1. What is a network?
  2. I'm trying to add a new user to my network and the app says user not found, what do I do?
  3. How do I delete a product from my network?
  4. How do I rename my network?
  5. How do I remove a user from my network?
  6. How do I invite a user to my network?

Home mode

  1. What is home mode?
  2. How do I set home mode?

Wakeup mode

  1. How do I set an alarm in wakeup mode for my Smarter Coffee - 2nd Generation?
  2. What is auto-brew?