Goose Neck Kettle

I looked at the iKettle and really like the concept; however, what's holding me back from purchasing this is that there's no Goose Neck version.

I'm an avid coffee drinker and tend to make either french press or pour over and love the control that comes with a Goose Neck kettle.  I have the Bonavita gooseneck kettle with the digital temperature control.

Would definitely upgrade it to an iKettle, if there was a goose neck version.  Since the iKettle is in it's 3rd generation, creating different kettle types for different User Personas might be something to consider.

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    Dinique Official comment

    Hi Hai, 

    Thanks for your request! 

    I have raised this to the development team. 

    Maybe in the future, you will see an iKettle Gooseneck version! 

    Best wishes, 




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