IFTTT for Smarter Coffee 1st gen

I am among all those who bought Smarter Coffee 1st gen, waiting patiently to get IFTTT support at some point. I even bought a second identical coffee maker when the first stopped working. Then the upgrade finally came, but only if you buy a completely new coffee maker. The owners of gen 1 will of course not pay €200 only for the IFTTT support, leaving your existing customers in the dark.  

So the feature request is quite simple: Honouring your existing customers by supporting IFTTT on the software for 1st gen as well. At least for a small fee. 


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    Dinique Official comment

    Hello Eirik, 

    Unfortunately, it is a limitation of the hardware of the Smarter Coffee - 1st Generation that it cannot integrate with IFTTT. 

    We are looking into how we can offer an upgrade to 1st generation customer. 

    I have saved your email so I can alert you if this does become available. 

    Any questions, please email us at support@smarter.am.

    Best wishes, 



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    Same here as well. I purchased the 1st Gen thinking that you were working on IFTTT and Alexa only to be told that it was going to be on a new machine.

    Wouldnt be surprised if the upgrade is the same £30 off voucher that was being emailed to us a few months ago.

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    Stil waiting for news on this, I can't afford to buy a new coffee machine.

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    Hello !!

    I honestly do not think it's a hardware problem but simply your choice of market !!!!

    Now you have focused all your efforts on the second generation and you have completely abandoned the first ... incorrect behavior towards the first customers who have had the courage to support your great idea!

    There are no more updates in sight for our coffee machines?

    At least you have the honesty to tell your customers !!!


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    Kurt Mann

    Here ist the Solution



    It is very simple to use SmarterCoffee 1st Generation machine with alexa....this Turnaround works great

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