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IT would be a huge benefit if you could just add the so called ingredients to your IFTTT actions. At the moment it is not possible to set how many cups you want or which tempereture etc. via a variable(ingredient). Thats a shame because I have to set up a different Applet for each combination of cups/strength. It would be much easier to use the values I can pass to the IFTTT maker channel as cups/strength etc.


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    Dinique Official comment

    Hello Christopher! 

    Thanks for your request! 

    There are quite a few ingredients you can use when setting up a IFTTT applet for kettle and coffee. This is when you are creating an applet where Smarter is the action. :) 

    I took a quite screenshot showing the ingredients you can use. :)

    Any questions please get in touch with us at support@smarter.am

    Best wishes, 


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    Michael Brochonski


    I miss to set the pre-heat time in the IFTTT-Settings.

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    Shane de Mamiel

    Hi there,

    I've been able to trigger IFTTT action from Workflow to Smarter Coffee but the Ingredients don't seem to be matching up as expected. I can see the Ingredients are being parsed to IFTTT. Do you have a list Ingredients that correspond to the Brew Coffee action above i.e. Ingredient 1 = Coffee Maker, Ingredient 2 = Number of Cups?

    I can see from IFTTT variables go up to ExtraIngredient10 !

    Hope you can help,


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