Tea types to match water temp

I love the iKettle 3rd generation!  Instead of having to select the water temperature, it would be a great feature if the user could select on the app the type of tea they are having (green, black, herbal) and have the app calculate the water temperature based on that. 


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    Dinique Official comment

    Hi Jasmine,

    This is a feature we are working on! 

    We know our customers love trying different teas, just as much as we do, so thought you would love to be able to brew the kettle to the perfect temperature for your favourite tea. :)

    Keep an eye out, it could be in an update soon! 

    Best wishes, 


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    Wil Talbert

    This was a feature that I was wanting as well.  A basic list of tea types like green, black, white, oolong, matcha, but also the ability to type in specific teas such as Kukicha and set a specific temp and have the app remember the custom settings.  Finally, have a timer that can be clicked when the water is the correct temperature so that we can time the steeping of the tea.  I hate having to exit your app just to open another app to time the brewing.  I think this feature would make your iKettle even more popular with serious tea drinkers!

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