Stronger coffee

There are a lot of people in the www who say the Smarter Coffee's coffee is too weak.
 I would have a solution for these people:

Bring out a new firmware.
Create a new strength and name this "Double Strong" or "Ultra Strong" or something similar.

For this "Ultra Strong" setting you only need a simple programming sequence:

The customer starts the process and it starts the sequence:
- Start of the grinding process
- Shortly before the start of the brewing process, the sequence is aborted.
- Now the sequence with the same settings is started again and carried out to the end.

This gives me twice the amount of ground coffee in my filter.
That would be the solution!

With that you have satisfied all people.

Many Thanks!


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    Dinique Official comment

    Hi Joerg, 

    Thank you for your feedback! 

    It has been passed onto our development team for consideration. :) 

    Best wishes, 


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    Any chance to have a stronger coffee? I also feel that even at the strongest the coffee is not that strong

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    Niklas Grushult

    This would be great. Now I have to add a extra scoop or two of ready ground coffee.

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