Finegrained control over brew parameters.

For coffee enthusiast, which I assume are quite a part of your customers, it would be really awesome to have more finegrained settings available. And because the firmware from the coffeemaker will work with those settings at the current stage already it would be neat if you could give your customers the ability too! For not sacrificing usability this could be added as a hidden expert option menu or in the first step only be added to IFTTT.

Here are the options I am thinking of:

  • grinding amount
  • water amount
  • water temperature
  • rinsing speed
  • maybe even rinsing intervalls

Maybe not everything is possible in hardware, but at least the top two could be implemented with not so much effort. This would make it even "Smarter"!!! and will get you every coffee enthusiast, which wants to tinker and not stay with the standard settings, even those are quite optimal, coffee simply is personal!

See I even gave you a slogan for the feature in the last sentence :D

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    Dinique Official comment

    Hi Christopher, 

    Thanks for your idea! 

    I can imagine coffee enthusiasts would love the control and the ability to experiment! 

    This has been passed over to the development team as a feature request. :)

    Hopefully they will be able to implement something along these lines!

    Keep the great ideas coming Christopher!

    Any questions, please get in touch with us at support@smarter.am

    Best wishes, 


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