Smarter Coffee not grinding anymore :-(

Has anybody successfully restored their grinder by following the ‘pipe cleaner’ advice in the FAQ?

My grinder motor works but no beans are ground. Bottom door is nice and clean, grind control (fine / coarse) turns freely, have tried cleaning grinder from top countless times but I can’t see in there to assess what’s going on

5 weeks now and I’m getting frustrated. Does anybody know if the top bean hopper can be removed at all? It doesn’t look like it can.  Is the machine already broken? 


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    Aaron Official comment

    Hey Samuel,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with your coffee machine.

    Please can you contact support and we will look into this for you.


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    Thanks Aaron - you and I are already engaged following my raising of a support ticket.  I sent you a video of the issue the other evening

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