Water Level in Gen 4?

The only thing holding me off buying the 3rd Gen at the moment is not being able to see water level without opening the lid or checking the app.

In the 4th Gen it would be great if there was a window on the kettle itself to see the water level and also when permitted by Google/Alexa, the assistants could tell you that there is enough, or that there is not enough water to boil. Maybe this could also be a setting in the future that the assistant could warn if there is not enough water for a user set amount of cups.

Thanks :)

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    The biggest problem for Alexa and Google Assistant is that they support generic devices which they can handle with many languages.

    These include, for example, thermostats, switches, outlets, light bulbs, etc. Google have just added a Kettle schema, but for Alexa, we treat the kettle as a thermostat, which at least allows us control of temperature -  but we needed to implemented a workaround to allow routines to work, as they don't expect a thermostat device to go above 32 degrees (they forgot about water heaters...).

    When they support the functionality of our kettle fully, you'll be able to ask your digital assistant what the water level is. For now there's the app, and potentially we could allow the option to stop water boiling if the water level is low. The problem is, you need to calibrate the water sensor to use, and not many customers actually do that, so we couldn't default to this feature being on.





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