iKettle 3.0 Alexa routines not working

I've just bought an iKettle 3.0 (US) and am having trouble with a few items.

1. The kettle does work with Alexa (yay), but only with the default command "Alexa, turn the kettle on", not with any of the other listed commands found this page: https://support.smarter.am/hc/en-us/articles/115003631425-Can-I-use-my-iKettle-3rd-Generation-with-Amazon-Alexa-, i.e, "Alexa, put the kettle on"

2. When Alexa turns the kettle on, sometimes it changes the temperature to 194F/90C, when it was previously set to 212F/100C. There is no obvious way in the app to intervene and reset the temperature to 212F/100C. I have to stop the kettle, and then ask Alexa to change the temperature and then start it again. This behavior does not happen when I'm only using the app.

3. Alexa routines just don't work. First, if I add the kettle (shows up as a thermostat) to a routine, the kettle doesn't turn on at all. Second, the temperature slider is limited to a max of 90F/32C. This seems fundamentally broken. 

Any help would be appreciated.



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    This is an issue with the Alexa app, but we've implemented a workaround.


    Basically the Alexa app assigns some actions for different smart home device types. So for a 'thermostat' type device that can control temperature, they offer a temperature slider. But, they forgot about water heaters, and only considered ambient air heaters - and set the limit to 32 degrees.

    Not only that, but they insist on setting a temperature when turning the device on, there's no check box for 'change temperature'.

    Until it is fixed, our workaround is this - set the temperature to '0', and it'll set your kettle to boil at its currently set temperature.

    To add a quick clarification on routines - the devices know nothing about them, they just end up equating to a set of commands that Amazon send to us to ask a device to do something. Similarly, 'turn xx kettle on' equates to a request to us to turn one of our devices on. The language used, or whether you say 'switch' or 'put', or 'turn' isn't controllable by us.

    I hope that helps.


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    Edward Hunter

    Hello, is there an update regarding the maximum temperature of 32c, as some time I change the temp and forget to set it back,

    or are you planning on adding smartthings integration

    many thanks


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