IFTTT triggers for when Coffee and Kettle *start*

Would it be possible to add IFTTT triggers for when Coffee and Kettle start?

The use case is integrating with other home automation platforms (e.g. Home Assistant) via IFTTT. Currently it's possible to start Coffee\Kettle and get notifications when they are done but it's not possible to know when they are already running because they were started manually or via Smarter App\Google Assistant\etc. Having these two additional triggers would allow for keeping track of the device state properly.

I realize that other home automation platforms aren't a priority but I am hoping that you would be open to adding the two additional triggers given that everything else is already exposed via IFTTT.


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    Okay, I'll add it for the next IFTTT roll out.

    How the boil/brew started could also be an ingredient (eg started by IFTTT/Alexa/Google Assistant/Manually)

    We actually already have support for the ability to generate a notification on boil/brew started (and fridge door opened), the biggest pain is the hoops you go through with IFTTT setting up all the examples/templates associated with each action, like adding entries to Excel, etc.



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    Vlad Alexandrov

    Great! Thanks a lot!

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