iKettle 3.0 lacks usability shortcuts

As a new iK3.0 user, I found some things that I lacked from the first use.


I mainly bought the iKettle for the baby formula water heating. I just re-heat it to 40-50* after it boiled once. But the Kettle might be asked for a regular tea anytime. And the amount of app clicks to change from "tea" to "baby" modes and temp is huge. So maybe it's possible to add some things to the app:


  • Be able to save the kettle boiling "profile". ex: "boil to 100*", "heat to 40*", "keep warm 40", "boil then cool 40*" etc. Preferably on the kettle homepage (not somewhere in menu) or even as widgets.
  • As "baby formula" mode user, I'm in dilemma when configuring the base button default action:  for baby formula re-heat or regular boil. It would be very nice to add second action to that one button, as a double click or longer press (and leave the very long press for default reset as currently available).
    Grannies and nannies without app cannot boil a basic tea, because we use default action to  heat baby formula.  :(

  • No milliliters on water level. Even approximate by 100ml would help.
  • Single layer metal body without insulation is a problem waiting to happen. And it loses a lot of heat beside the hazard (but ok, this one can’t help my existing 3.0 iK ) :) .


Despite good features, the usability is greatly impacted by keeping the switches deep in the menus and not on the main page. The app should give abundant amount of shortcuts (as I described above): saving profiles/actions, widgets, base button with two usable actions, more controls on main page. 

My disappointment is currently balanced by the hope this post can change things. So hope to hear from you some good forecasts :)



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    Widgets and Siri Shortcuts will be making their way in to public releases in the near future, which should help a lot with usability. In the meantime IFTTT can be used to set up shortcuts for particular settings.

    Kettle insulation is a tough one, because if we used an insulated jug, the 'cool to' feature wouldn't work well.



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    Andrei Balan

    Thanks for answers, Gareth. 


    what about base button? can it have two programmed functions instead of one? it would add a great deal of usability for those without the app.

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