iKettle 4 - Quiet boil and insulated

I've been a fan of the iKettle since the first version. The only thing I can fault is the fact it is very loud and very hot to touch when boiled.

Easy to solve though, make it quiet boil and insulate it. Thoughts?


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    Dinique Official comment

    Hi Ross, 

    Thank you for your feedback! 

    Sorry to hear you feel the kettle is too loud and hot! 

    With regarding the noise, we have found if the kettle has a build up of limescale it can create quite a bit of extra noise so just ensure you are regularly descaling. 

    Your feedback has been passed onto the development team. :) 

    Best wishes, 


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    Fast and quiet boil tend to be mutually exclusive, though in future we can look at designs and possibly mechanisms which allow a trade off for the user.

    Similarly with insulation, if we insulate the kettle, it restricts formula mode, which relies on water cooling more quickly - so perhaps skinning, or different kettle units might be the answer here.



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