FridgeCam - HomeKit/Homebridge integration

Hello Team, I’ve seen a post about integrating kettle and coffe with the HomeKit. They are quite old, and AFAIK Apple does not provide an integration for devices like kettles ir coffe machines. But they are providing support for CAMERAS. Do you have any plans to integrate fridgecam with the HomeKit? Or maybe just give an Open API to the developers, so they would make that integration by themselves (ie via homebridge).


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    Mimi Official comment

    Hi Maciej,


    At the moment we are not working on an integration with Apple as this requires the hardware to be upgraded rather than a software update that you can do with Alexa and Google.

    FridgeCam does work with Siri and we will look at HomeKit in the future.


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    Tyler Pruce

     Hi Aaron,


    The current integration for Siri, Alexa, and Google is just to ask about the list of what is in the fridge, correct? Is there any way that the picture could be displayed even via the Smarter App when asking a voice assistant? This would be useful on a phone or a device like an Alexa Show.

    Also, further to Maciej's comment, is there anyway that an RTSP feed could be exposed so that the camera feed can be used elsewhere? Is it a moving image or still only?




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    Hi Tyler,

    Thank you for your message.

    At the moment it reads out a list based on your inventory, I will pass on your feedback about having the Fridge view available on commend and I am sure this is something we would look to implement in the future.

    In terms of the image being used elsewhere, at the moment it is just within the app and our API is closed but again this could change in the future.

    The image is still and is taken every time the Fridge door is open and closed.


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