Water Level Siri Shortcuts (easy) improvement so it can be used as part of other shortcuts (e.g. low water warning)

Just received my Smarter coffee machine a couple days ago which overall I really love. Although I personally would have preferred HomeKit integration, I can live with shortcuts and have been able to successfully implement an automation that automatically set my morning scene when I turn off my wake up alarm and start brewing fresh coffee. I was hoping to make this automation smarter and useful by adding the water level and return an alert in the event there wasn't enough water. Unfortunately, the shortcut doesn't output a value/status that can be used in the next step of an automation but rather return a graphical representation of how much is left - which may look good but is not useful at all.

Would it be possible to extend this shortcut so that it can also return a value or status as an output in shortcuts or alternatively provide us with a new shortcut that does this?

It would also be very helpful to create a new shortcut that allows to get:

  1. the status on Carafe detected or not (clearly that data is available since it is retrieved and displayed within the app)
  2. if there is coffee or not

Having these simple shortcuts outputting values in shortcuts means that they can be added to a smarter automation or shortcut in iOS. Use case: as I set my Good Night scene in the evening, shortcuts checks that there is enough water, coffee and that the carafe is present and return an alert if levels are low.



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