Do you still have developpers ?


I'm starting to be really disapointed.

You have produce a great product but :

We are not getting any response anymore, some simple features are expected since more than 2 years. Even not bringing new features could you fix the existing one. Not all IFTTT trigger are working. Notification on Android are not working.

Open your API if you're not able to maintain the product.


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    Ian White

    My guess is pretty close to no at this point. I've not seen any movement in functionality in ages.

    I'm really disappointed in this product and company to be honest. It's an 'ok' kettle which with decent integration would be a great product.
    But the integration is poor at best.

    IFTTT integration is a non starter for real time home applications.
    Having to use an app to control the thing is fun for a week but it's nowhere near home automation functionality.

    I'm on the lookout for a new kettle with proper home automation functionality.

    If you see one, do us all a favor and post it here..

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