Alexa "Smarter iKettle 3.0" skill gone, no alexa integration anymore

Where has the skill gone, I spent many hours recently trying to set up the kettle after moving house and couldn't get the alexa integration to work (the one reason why we bought the kettle on the first place). Eventually I had to concede and contact support, only to be told you'd removed the skill as it had bugs in it. How long are we expected to wait for it to come back? Alexa integration is still advertised as a feature everywhere...


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    Grant Caley

    Same with mine. In fact the ikettle disappeared from their App as well. I think the company is in trouble. Their support forum is full of spam, so no-one appears to be driving. The danger of buying cloud connected products!

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    Tyler Pruce

    Same thing it just went missing for me today. It’s been great up to now really hope it doesn’t get shut down and bricked.

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    Neil Whitaker

    I've managed to get it working for me - by completely bypassing "smarter"s alexa integration and using IFTT instead.

    I can only turn the kettle on (not off) but it's better than waiting for an indeterminate time for the alexa skill to reappear.

    The steps I took:

    1. Sign up for a free IFTT account
    2. Add an applet, "button" to switch smarter iKettle on - it will guide you through linking to your smarter account.
    3. Now go to Alexa app, and add a new routine
    4. Name it "kettle", and for the "when this happens" use "when I say 'Alexa, turn kettle on'"
    5. For the action, select IFTT and it will guide you through account linking.
    6. Once your account is linked it will hopefully show the boil kettle IFTT applet - select this.

    Save the routine, give it a minute to sync and then hopefully when you say "Alexa, turn kettle on" your kettle will boil...

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    Michael Sage

    I literally just bought the smarter coffee machine today in the black Friday sale. I can't find the Alexa skill either. It will be going straight back without the integration! Beyond disappointed I've been waiting for ages to treat myself to one after backing a failed smart coffee machine on Kickstarter. Not a great start.

    While IFTTT integration is good, more than 3 actions will cost money so I'd like to see a native skill back :(

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