Alexa (USA) skill appears to be back BUT...

I try to set the temp to 200 Fahrenheit (95 Celsius). The Smarter app takes it but every time I try to set 200 in the Alexa app it goes to 212.

"Alexa, set the kettle to 200 degrees" > "Kettle is set to 212 degrees".

That's a nightmare. There appears to be no way to tell the Alexa evil genius to go to a specific temperature (like the one that works best with my French press...)


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    John Willis

    Hi Leonard,

    This is an issue we are aware of and is something we are hoping to resolve in the next major release of the skill.

    Please drop support a note with a link to this thread and your details if you would like to be enrolled in the beta programme for the skill when the update is available for testing.



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